Setting up your cloud gaming rig with Paperspace + Parsec

Build your cloud gaming rig, 60 FPS, install any game.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By David
Creating your new cloud gaming machine takes less than 5 minutes. Watch the video or follow the steps below.

5 Minute Setup Guide

1. Create a new Paperspace machine

After you've logged into Paperspace, create a new machine.

  • Select your desired region
  • Choose the Parsec template
  • Choose your plan (the GPU+ plan is the most popular)
  • Choose your storage — you can increase your storage at any time
  • Click Create

2. Launch the Parsec App

  • When the machine says Ready, open your new Paperspace machine in your browser. Note: Do not use the Paperspace native application when setting up Parsec.
  • Sign in to the Parsec app. Click to save your Parsec password for automatic logins.
  • When prompted, choose to allow connections to this computer

3. Install the Parsec Client

Close Paperspace, download the Parsec Client on your local computer.

That's it! Share Paperspace with your friends and get free credit. Your unique referral code can be found under the Account tab in the console.

Installation Notes

Parsec Client System Requirements

Parsec is available for any Mac running macOS 10.9+, any PC with this hardware running Windows 7+, or the Raspberry Pi 3.

Machine Type

Parsec will only work on the GPU+ or P5000 machine types.

Parsec Mac Client

If you’re on a Mac, after downloading the application, you’ll need to right-click and open — double clicking will not work because the app is not distributed through the app store.

Elevated Privileges with the Parsec Server

If you want to run Parsec as an Admin to have access to User Access Control screens (Task Manager), please right click and launch Parsec Server as Admin from the Start Menu or Applications.

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