Hello there, friend. Are you:

  • A software developer trying to get a broad overview of the products and services available
  • A business analyst, product manager, marketing manager, or consultant who has heard that machine learning could help improve the product he or she is responsible for but doesn’t have the time to go through all the options
  • A data scientist looking to broaden their toolkit from basic statistical techniques to the latest and greatest AI toolkits
  • A line of business leader trying to figure out the right way for their organization to put intelligence into their team's software, processes, and culture

Or perhaps an LP at one of the world's foremost venture capital firms, hoping to establish thought leadership in a nascent domain by building out a playbook of fantastic tools and other resources? :) Well then you've come to the right place - that place being our new Meetup, "Machine Learning at Work."

Machine Learning Google Trends Interest over Time

As machine learning expands into corporate strategy, we believe it's important to foster a community where academics, students, and professionals can come together to experiment and learn from each other. Our new meetup group, Machine Learning at Work aims to do just that with a novel program that allows members to learn from research and practice, while providing the space for them to hack and solve problems with real code.

Every meetup is a mini-hackathon with structured competitions that reinforce the material being discussed with the hopes that the community will learn and share practical techniques and skills.

Our first meetup on May 18th, will host very special presentations on adversarial autoencoders, the amazing work of our partners, Insight, and their recent class of AI Fellows, as well as recent work at OpenAI.

We'll be hosting these meetups regularly in NYC so feel free to sign up for more updates. If you'd like to contribute to an event, we're always looking for interesting topics -- please reach out to george@paperspace.com.