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$200 to write about ML/AI/Data Science for Paperspace 💎

TLDR: Get paid to write articles about machine learning, data science, and more — up to $200 per article.

At Paperspace we are working to build out a new community resource to help people learn more about ML and related topics. We want to provide a valuable platform and combine that with the tools and resources needed to develop and run complex machine learning applications in the cloud.

If you have been following this blog we have some amazing posts on everything from style transfer to adversarial autoencoders with pytorch. As we continue to grow this repository of information we are eager help the ML/AI/Data science community coalesce around best practices, new methodologies, techniques used by professionals and practitioners to solve real problems.

In particular, we are looking for articles on such topics as:

  • Framework comparisons
  • Tooling setup
  • Beginner / Getting started guides
  • Data handling
  • Toolset overviews
  • Profiling / Benchmarking writeups
  • Technical deep-dives
  • Tools / techniques

Depending on complexity and length, each article will receive $100-$200.

Try Paperspace

Join over 50,000 VMs on the Paperspace cloud.

Windows and Linux VMs with unparalleled speed and simplicity. Perfect for Machine Learning, VFX, cloud IDE's, and more.

  • Software pre-installed
  • 10Gb Fiber
  • Private networking
  • Choose your OS
  • CPU or GPU
  • Powerful Security
  • Nvidia GPUs
  • Web console
  • Public IPs