Paperspace Joins DigitalOcean

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Dillon

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We are excited to announce the next big chapter for Paperspace. Paperspace has been acquired by DigitalOcean, the cloud for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups. 

DigitalOcean is a company that we have admired for a long time. Many folks know DigitalOcean as the developer-first cloud that stands for simplicity, transparency, and the pursuit of making complex technologies accessible to all. Even in the early days of Paperspace we admired DigitalOcean for their values and commitment to simplicity in a world where technology moves quickly. For many folks, DigitalOcean is the first place they go to learn a new technology or take an idea and start making it a reality.

DigitalOcean is committed to connecting Paperspace’s customers to the broader suite of cloud services and tools and removing the barriers for developers and businesses alike to build and realize their dreams. We are witnessing a massive shift in not only what types of software and services that can be created, but also how they are built. The AI revolution is still in the early stages of revolutionizing the entire world.

Paperspace and DigitalOcean together will continue to be committed to simplifying the cloud for developers and businesses, and to providing cloud offerings, advanced networking, and the flexibility to harness both GPU and CPU capabilities as AI/ML demand increases and technologies evolve. 

Joining forces with a leading cloud service provider with the scalability and reliability of DigitalOcean will bring many benefits to our customers. Together, Paperspace and DigitalOcean will offer a comprehensive suite of cloud CPU and GPU offerings, including advanced networking, databases, storage, and application hosting, as well as documentation, tutorials, and support. Importantly, DigitalOcean has long-term plans to provide more GPU availability to customers in additional locations and to help support an entire new generation of businesses, many of which we can’t even imagine yet. We’re looking forward to enabling even more of you to grow and succeed and we are committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our existing customers, and all of the future ones that will join the platform. 

For now, Paperspace will remain as a standalone business unit within DigitalOcean. In the nearterm, Paperspace customers will see no immediate changes to their services. 

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has been on this journey with us. Thank you to our customers and community who have trusted us for the past nine years. We look forward to continuing to deliver the simplicity, reliability, speed, and affordability you have enjoyed so far and look forward to bringing you new, productivity-boosting products and features, with the additional resources and support of DigitalOcean. 

For more info, check out the DigitalOcean blog post here, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter in Paperspace’s journey!


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