4K Streaming Lands in the Latest Paperspace Release!

4 years ago   •   2 min read

By David

We're pleased to announce that the Paperspace native application now supports 4K streaming on all Dedicated GPU virtual machines.

Note: 4K streaming is available in the latest version of the Paperspace app only. Download the app here: https://www.paperspace.com/app

Here's a quick guide for enabling 4K streaming:

  1. Open the Paperspace app and locate the settings menu
Locate the settings menu in the upper righthand corner of the application

2. Toggle the Zoom option in the Display settings and make sure 1x is selected.

Make sure the Zoom setting for the monitor is set to 1x

3. Check the display settings on your virtual machine and confirm that the resolution matches your expectations for your client monitor.

You should now see resolutions at or close to the maximum supported by your client monitor

Frequently asked questions:

What do I need to enable 4K?

  • You need a 4K or higher display and a GPU-powered Paperspace machine.

Is 4K available in the browser-based version of Paperspace?

  • Not yet. 4K is available only in the native application.

Is 5K, 6K, or 8K resolution supported?

  • Not yet.

How do I make sure 4K is working properly?

  • Open the display settings on your virtual machine. Is the resolution close to 4K? If not, open the Paperspace app settings and make sure Zoom is turned down to 1x.

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