A Deep Dive into Paperspace's Infrastructure

In this article, we overview the infrastructure that allows Paperspace to serve its powerful GPU, CPU, and IPU machines.

8 months ago   •   4 min read

By Adrien Payong

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Cloud computing has significantly transformed the manner in which people and entities acquire and use computer resources. Paperspace, a prominent supplier of cloud GPUs and hosting services for artificial intelligence (AI) and other applications, stands as an industry leader within the cloud computing sector.

This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Paperspace's infrastructure, including its fundamental elements, architectural design, and operational capabilities. In addition, a comparative analysis will be conducted between Paperspace and other cloud service providers, with a particular focus on elucidating its distinctive attributes and benefits.

Paperspace's Cloud Infrastructure

Paperspace offers a fully managed cloud GPU platform built for a range of applications, including AI, machine learning, and data science. The company's infrastructure is designed to remove costly infrastructure bottlenecks, enabling individuals and organizations to focus on building and innovation. Some of the key components of Paperspace's cloud infrastructure include:

  • Blazing fast GPUs and IPUs: Paperspace is like a souped up computer lab that any data scientist would geek out over. With a high performance GPUs and IPUs, you can train and fine-tune models like a boss and convert them into scalable APIs
  • Low-cost compute, storage, and networking options: The cloud platform is super affordable with cost-effective pricing for computing, storage and networking.
  • Shared Drives: Not only can you save some dough, but sharing and collaborating with your team is a breeze with Paperspace's Shared Drives feature. Just create some network attached storage and voilà - a centralized place to store all your files for easy access across instances.
  • VPN support: Paperspace supports IPsec tunnels out of the box, allowing users to connect their private Core network to an existing on-site or cloud-based network
  • Global team of engineers: None of these technological wonders would be possible without the brains behind the operation - Paperspace's global team of engineers. Available 24/7, these tech geniuses can provide support and keep the platform up and running around the clock.
  • Regulatory compliance:For enterprise customers, Paperspace also helps solve regulatory compliance challenges. So companies that need to adhere to strict data regulations can rest assured their information is in good hands.
  • Built-in streaming technology: Accessing your Paperspace resources is a cinch too with their built-in streaming technology. Just log into your browser and you can connect remotely from anywhere.
  • Core API: The Core API offers programmatic access for more advanced workloads, allowing users to automate and integrate their workflows with Paperspace's infrastructure.


The Core API lets you automate stuff like making and managing virtual machines, running jobs, and storage management. You can use it with client libraries like the Paperspace CLI, the CORE Javascript SDK and the Gradient command-line tool. Some of the key features of the Core API include:

  • Generating API keys to authenticate requests against the Core API
  • Installing the Paperspace CLI to access the API from the command line
  • Creating and managing virtual machines using the API
  • Running jobs on virtual machines using the API
  • Managing storage using the API

So get ready to supersize your machine learning capabilities with Paperspace!

Comparison with Other Cloud Providers

Paperspace sets itself apart from other cloud providers by focusing on GPU-heavy workloads, having affordable prices, and being easy to use. Let's compare Paperspace to two other popular clouds - Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • GPU-intensive workloads: While AWS and GCP have GPU options too, Paperspace is built specifically for tasks that need GPUs - like AI machine learning, and data science applications. So, it's a top choice if you need serious GPU power.
  • Affordable pricing: Price-wise, Paperspace often costs less than AWS and GCP. So you can save a bundle on GPU computing compared to the major public clouds or buying your own hardware.
  • User-friendly interface: Paperspace's interface is designed to provide a seamless abstraction layer that simplifies access to accelerated computing, making it easier for users to get started with GPU instances

Real-World Examples and Use Cases

Over half a million people use Paperspace for all kinds of projects. That includes researchers doing cutting edge work with deep learning, startups building their prototypes and MVPs, all the way up to massive enterprises. Paperspace offers some pretty neat technology for anyone looking to leverage the power of the cloud for intensive computing tasks. Here's my take on some of the key use cases:

  • AI and machine learning research: For AI and machine learning researchers, Paperspace lets you spin up beefy GPU servers to train and optimize your models, accelerating the development of AI and machine learning applications. The ability to scale your compute on demand is perfect for when you need to experiment with different architectures or dataset sizes. It really speeds up the whole trial-and-error process that's so critical in ML.
  • Data science and analytics: If you're into data science or analytics, Paperspace makes it easy to crunch through giant datasets for segmentation forecasting, visualization - you name it and massive parallel processing power is critical for transforming all that raw data into actionable intel and insights. And Paperspaces infrastructure stays quick and responsive even as your data volumes grow.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI): For companies needing virtual desktops or apps for their workforce, Paperspace offers GPU instances to power super slick VDI solutions. Your remote team can access all their usual tools and data from wherever they happen to be working. Everything's centralized and secure in the cloud.
  • Rendering and 3D modeling: Paperspace's high-performance GPUs are well-suited for rendering and 3D modeling tasks, enabling designers and artists to create realistic and immersive visual experiences.
  • Game development and testing: Paperspace's cloud infrastructure can be used for game development and testing, allowing developers to quickly iterate on their games and scale their testing environments as needed.


Paperspace's cloud infrastructure offers a range of benefits for individuals and organizations working with AI, machine learning, and other GPU-intensive workloads.. With its high-power GPUs, cheap pricing and easy-to-use interface, Paperspace is a solid pick for builders looking to speed up they development flow and scale they apps. As the thirst for AI and machine learning keeps growing, Paperspace's cloud computing offerings is positioned to make moves in the industry, enabling innovation and driving biz success.

Overall, Paperspace helps reduce the barriers and costs for working with cutting-edge tech like AI and machine learning. Whether you a solo dev or a big corporation, Paperspace has offerings that can accelerate your work. As AI becomes more widespread, expect Paperspace to continue providing the cloud infrastructure needed to drive new innovations.

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