Paperspace Joins NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program, Accelerates Cloud GPU Adoption & Remote Work

4 years ago   •   2 min read

By Daniel Kobran

New York City, September 10, 2020 - Paperspace today announced it has joined the Cloud Service Provider Program within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) to bring GPU acceleration to the cloud in response to people working remotely. This designation comes on the heels of Paperspace’s recent announcement of joining the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program with certification of Gradient on NVIDIA DGX systems.  Paperspace values its collaboration with NVIDIA in the evolving cloud services ecosystem.

The need for agile, secure solutions that enable remote work has been critical over the past six months and is expected to continue. Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions, which offer the flexibility and simplified management required to support remote work from anywhere.

As a qualified partner in the NPN Cloud Service Provider Program, Paperspace works with businesses to deploy NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions for modern workloads, including AI, data science, HPC, and virtual workstations with the latest Quadro technology and computer graphics for CAD/CAM, digital content creation and rendering.

A shared vision

NVIDIA GPUs are used to build next-generation applications like AI-powered cancer detection and autonomous vehicles as well as  graphics-intensive applications used by technical and creative professionals. Domain experts such as data scientists benefit greatly from a software abstraction layer that sits on top of the raw infrastructure.  Paperspace develops software to orchestrate and scale GPU-based applications, providing a seamless way to leverage GPU compute power without requiring specialized DevOps and infrastructure knowledge.  This powerful combination of hardware and software is critical to the adoption of GPU-based applications.

“Paperspace made an early bet on cloud GPUs which has really been enabled by NVIDIA, the leader in GPU technology,” said Daniel Kobran, Cofounder of Paperspace. “We have been working closely with NVIDIA for several years now and we are excited to continue our collaboration as a CSP partner."  

“Cloud-based solutions offer the flexibility and simplified management required by businesses supporting the new normal of work from anywhere,” said Matt McGrigg, director of global business development for cloud and strategic partners at NVIDIA. “The combination of NVIDIA GPUs and Paperspace applications is helping to push the boundaries of what is possible in remote work.”

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