New! Console redesign

4 years ago   •   1 min read

By Dillon

We are super excited to launch the newest console redesign to all users starting today.

The Paperspace web console is the primary way that tens of thousands of developers interact with Paperspace every day.

The new console is both a revamp of our existing information architecture (IA) as well as big upgrade under the hood to support a faster, more elegant web experience. We talked to our users, analyzed common patterns, and upgraded key components to build a console we think you're going to love.


Clearer navigation —we have consolidated the navigation logic to make it easier to navigate in and out of projects while providing additional screen real estate for the current entity you are viewing. The team switcher that used to live in the sidebar is now a top-level component that allows faster navigation between teams and within a team.

⭐ All URL routes are scoped to the team workspace that you are in. This makes link sharing and collaborating across teams easier than ever.

Entities such as teams and projects that have the ability to add collaborators are now more clearly represented.

What's next? We are working on simplifying many of the underlying components (tables, buttons, forms, etc.) to be mobile-friendly by default.

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