The 11 Best AI & Machine Learning Podcasts to Add to Your Listening Pipeline

Add these podcasts to your weekly listening pipeline to learn from top thought leaders and developers about the future of ai and machine learning, as well as innovative use cases and products.

4 years ago   •   4 min read

By Olivia Lengyel

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AI in Business

Learn what's possible and what's working with Artificial Intelligence in Business. Each week you'll find featured interviews from top AI and machine learning-focused executives and researchers in industries like Financial Services, Pharma, Retail, Defense, and more. Discover trends, learn about what's working in industry right now, and see how to adapt and thrive in an era of AI disruption.

Host: Daniel Faggella

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Links: Apple, Soundcloud, Stitcher

The AI Podcast

Artificial intelligence has been described as “Thor’s Hammer“ and “the new electricity.” But it’s also a bit of a mystery–even to those who know it best. On the AI Podcast, Noah Kravitz connects with some of the world’s leading experts in AI, deep learning, and machine learning to explain how it works, how it’s evolving, and how it intersects with every facet of human endeavor, from art to science.

Host: Noah Kravitz

Posting Schedule: Bi-Weekly on various days

Links: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts

AI Today Podcast

Cognilytica's AI Today podcast focuses on relevant information about what's going on today in the world of artificial intelligence. Discussed are pressing topics around artificial intelligence with easy-to-digest content, interviewed guests and experts on various domains within AI, and an attempt to cut through the hype and noise to identify what's really happening with adoption and implementation of AI.

Host: Kathleen Walch & Ron Schmelzer

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Wednesdays

Link: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast

Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast

Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast (also known as "AI + Lex") showcases conversations about the nature of intelligence, science, and technology (at MIT and beyond) from the perspective of deep learning, robotics, AI, AGI, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, economics, physics, mathematics, and more.

Host: Lex Fridman

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Mondays and Fridays

Links: Apple, Spotify, RSS

Data Skeptic

The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

Host: Kyle Polich

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Fridays

Links: Apple, Stitcher

Eye on AI

Eye on A.I. is a biweekly podcast, hosted by longtime New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith. In each episode, Craig will talk with some of the leaders making a difference in this space, putting incremental advances in machine intelligence into a broader context and considering the global implications of developing technology. AI is about to change your world, so pay attention.

Host: Craig Smith

Posting Schedule: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays

Links: Apple, Spotify, Google Play

Linear Digressions

Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago. In each episode, your hosts explore machine learning and data science through interesting (and often very unusual) applications.

Host: Katie Malone & Ben Jaffe

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Mondays

Links: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher

Practical AI

The focus of this podcast is making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone. Practical AI is a show in which technology professionals, business people, students, enthusiasts, and expert guests engage in lively discussions about Artificial Intelligence and related topics (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc). The focus is on productive implementations and real-world scenarios that are accessible to all. If you want to keep up with the latest advances in AI while keeping one foot in the real world, then this is the show for you!

Host: Chris Benson & Daniel Whitenack

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Mondays

Link: Apple, Spotify, RSS

Talking Machines

Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning. During each episode the hosts bring you clear conversations with experts in the field, insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions. Machine learning is changing the questions we can ask of the world around us. Here, we explore how to ask the best questions and what to do with the answers.

Host: Katherine Gorman & Neil Lawrence

Posting Schedule: Bi-weekly on Fridays

Links: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher

The TWIML AI Podcast

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. The TWIML AI Podcast brings the top minds and ideas from the world of ML and AI to a broad and influential community of ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers, tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

Host: Sam Charrington

Posting Schedule: Weekly on Mondays and Thursdays

Links: Apple, Spotify, Google Play

Voices in AI

The goal of this show is to capture this unique moment in time, where everything seems like it might be possible, both the good and the bad. Artificial intelligence isn’t over-hyped.  The optimists and pessimists believe one thing in common: That AI will be transformative. Voices in AI strives to document that transformation.

Host: Byron Reese

Posting Schedule: Bi-weekly on Thursdays

Links: Apple, Google Play, Stitcher

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