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To highlight the possibilities of an out-of-the-box Machine Learning dev environment Paperspace has partnered with Insight Data Science and their AI Fellows.

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By George

At Paperspace, we're dedicated to making machine learning in the cloud more accessible to professionals and academics.

The idea of a 1-click “ML-in-a-Box” is our response to the surge of requests for more powerful GPUs and new features coming from the ML community. As the industry is well aware, traditional cloud providers today focus primarily on Dev Ops and in many cases require sophisticated expertise in networking and infrastructure to get started.

In reality, much of ML research is still done on laptops and desktops. By contrast, we hope to address the much broader needs includes data scientists, researchers, and even students, who likely have a domain expertise but are not themselves able to string together complicated cloud infrastructure, helping them move their workflows to the cloud.

As entirely new audiences migrate their workflow to the cloud, the goal of this new offering has been to find the sweet spot of computing abstraction: allowing a user to offload processing power to the cloud in just a few clicks, while still maintaining the ability to drill-down into the machine to debug code. It's a win-win for both academia and professionals.

To highlight the possibilities we partnered with Insight Data Science and their AI Fellows.

Insight Data Science offers their students a 7-week intensive that bridges the gap between academic research or professional software engineering and a career in artificial intelligence. Many of their Fellows end up working at some of the most recognizable organizations, like Google and Facebook.

Empowering the fellows with the ability to get up and running with production-ready Machine Learning environments allowed them to build more sophisticated AI products over the course of the intensive. The results of the program reflect the potential of an “ML-in-a-box” solution.

“People trying to break into the applied AI space struggle with the lack of affordable access to top end GPUs and consequently the fast paced iteration available to industry professionals. Insight’s AI Fellows, a group of gifted software engineers and researchers, receive mentorship from leading industry experts. This, in combination with Paperspace’s cutting-edge GPUs, enabled the Fellows to get models up and running in a matter of minutes, and to prototype recently published research within days.”
- Jeremy Karnowski, AI Lead at Insight Data Science

We'll be showcasing the amazing work of the AI Fellows in the coming months through our various social channels. Feel free to reach out the Insight Data Science to learn more about their program and the work of their fellows.

To get started on your own ML-in-a-box, sign up here.

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