Training YOLOv8 on Custom Data

In this blog post, we examine what's new in Ultralytics awesome new model, YOLOv8, take a peak under the hood at the changes to the architecture compared to YOLOv5, and then demo the new model's Python API functionality by testing it to detect on our Basketball dataset.

By James Skelton
a year ago

YOLOR object detection in Gradient

In this new tutorial, we will examine YOLOR object detection with PyTorch in detail to see how it combines implicit and explicit information with a unified representation. We then demonstrate how to use YOLOR with Gradient Notebooks.

By James Skelton
2 years ago

How to Improve YOLOv3

YOLO has been a very popular and fast object detection algorithm, but unfortunately not the best-performing. In this article I will highlight simple training heuristics and small architectural changes that can make YOLOv3 perform better than models like Faster R-CNN and Mask R-CNN.

By Rohit Kumar Singh
4 years ago