Computer Vision


Discover why GANs are awesome!

In this article, we will see why GANs are awesome, understand what GANs really are, how they work, dive deep into the loss function that they use, and then build our first simple GAN from scratch to generate MNIST.

By Abd Elilah TAUIL
2 months ago

Image Classification with Attention

Follow this tutorial to learn what attention in deep learning is, and why attention is so important in image classification tasks. We then follow up with a demo on implementing attention from scratch with VGG.

By Ibtesam Ahmed
3 months ago

Writing VGG from Scratch in PyTorch

In this continuation on our series of writing DL models from scratch with PyTorch, we look at VGG. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create, train, and evaluate a VGG neural network for CIFAR-100 image classification

By Nouman
4 months ago