Image segmentation

In this article, we will define image segmentation, discover the right metrics to use in these tasks, build an end-to-end pipeline that can be used as a template for handling image segmentation problems, and talk about some useful applications of it.

By Abd Elilah TAUIL
14 days ago

Writing VGG from Scratch in PyTorch

In this continuation on our series of writing DL models from scratch with PyTorch, we look at VGG. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create, train, and evaluate a VGG neural network for CIFAR-100 image classification

By Nouman
4 months ago

YOLOR object detection in Gradient

In this new tutorial, we will examine YOLOR object detection with PyTorch in detail to see how it combines implicit and explicit information with a unified representation. We then demonstrate how to use YOLOR with Gradient Notebooks.

By James Skelton
5 months ago